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Gamers' Inn provides a wide open game store layout with over 18 tables good enough to seat up to 75 people. Come solo and join a random game or bring your group on down.

We always have stock in every single Wizards and White Wolf book still in print, and stock deep on new releases. Loads of D20, D10 and D6 systems you probably haven't heard of, not to mention a constant influx of used books never less than 25% off.

Accessories galore with a massive assortment of game dice, adventure modules and supplements, with individual miniatures from Reaper, Magnficient Egos, and Crunch Waffle to represent your character or populate your dungeon. Get your mini custom painted for as little as $10.

Ready to play, but can't find a group? Want to run a game but can't find players? RPGI is for you.

The Inn offers a variety of tasty food and beverages. A big freezer full of food and ice cream, bundles of chips, sweets and bakery, washed down with a wide variety of caffeine from Dew, Monster, and Jones soda. Oddly enough, there is some healthy food too.

Swing on by for our madly popular RPG Saturday or check out our calendar for other events. This is the convention environment you have been looking for!