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Come on down and play all day and night on our custom miniatures tables and terrain!

We have every Warmachine and Hordes miniature from Privateer Press. We play at least three times a week, and you can probably get a game anytime day or night. We have all of the Gale Force 9 accessories and tools, with three lines of paint.

Rackham's Confrontation and AT-43, Classic Battletech, and Anima miniatures are well supported. The Inn runs the only Confronatation Dogs of War league in Arizona.

We have full stock on all of the Games Workshop new releases for 40k and Fantasy.


For collectables, join the miniature nation with a game of Dreamblade, D&D Minis, Star Wars and Axis & Allies. Fill out your collection by browsing our massive display of 2 for $1 single miniatures.

Pick up some single figures from all the sets including rare, out-of-print D&D's Harbinger and Star Wars' Clone Strike shipped right to your door from the Gamers' Inn eBay Store

Enhance your miniatures gaming experience by picking up some card sleeves, deck boxes, game cases, counters and game dice.

Check our monthly calendar for our next release events, store tournaments and league nights.