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The soothing satisfaction of the perfect snipe. A hailstorm of bullets on a shell-shocked enemy. A direct hit over a cowardly camper. Delivering a victory to back up all that pre-game trash talk.


Join the computer LAN gaming revolution on our slick in-shop network for just a $1 an hour, and it saves your time to the minute for your next visit. Be a part of the daily around the clock party with your fellow gamers!

A bucket of titles for you to lock and load over including:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Counter Strike and all of the Valve games on Steam
  • Clients for all the top online games
  • Many more are added every month over our in-store bonded dual T1 connection.

Windows slowing down? Gamers' Inn does PC sales and repair. $40 gets your system releoaded, drivers updated and games reinstalled.

Ready for a new PC or and upgrade? Our machines are store-built and maximized for the latest game titles. We have a perfect system where price meets performance for $650. Check out the flyer and see why buying off of the LAN gets you a smokin' deal.

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